Linda Jan

Licensing Associate
(609) 258-3653
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87 Prospect Ave, Rm 319

Linda fosters commercialization of Princeton technology across the life sciences, physical sciences, and engineering disciplines to deliver societal impact. She works with inventors on technology assessment, development, market research and outreach, intellectual property assessment and portfolio management.  She also devises development plans toward commercialization which can include collaboration opportunities, licensing, start up formation, and more. She connects and nurtures strategic partnerships within the university entrepreneurship ecosystem and with external partners.

Linda draws from her academic and commercial experiences. Previously, Linda held multiple roles at Xerox Corporation’s toner research, development, and manufacturing division. She led technical projects in product development that included raw material resourcing efforts and new product qualifications. She managed the sourcing, delivery, and technical projects of roughly one third of Xerox’s toner raw materials, ensuring supply chain continuity and enabling strong relationships with raw materials suppliers globally. She formed a top-ranked proposal to Xerox Foundation and was granted an award to enable research collaboration between Xerox Corporation and an Ivy-League University.

Linda completed her doctoral dissertation in the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at Princeton University and has multi-disciplinary expertise in areas of colloidal dynamics (electrokinetics), transport phenomena & fluid mechanics, physical chemistry, and material science. Previous to her doctoral work, she also conducted microfluidic and biomedical research at Johns Hopkins University, Carnegie Institute of Washington (Department of Embryology), and Stanford University.

Outside of work, Linda is an engaged member of the Princeton alumni community. She loves chamber music, classic film, history, cooking, wine, and reads broadly.