Khalid Mahmood Ph.D.

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Khalid has more than 20 years of professional experience working with small startups as well as the world’s leading health care company, Johnson & Johnson. He was a member of the organization of Fellows at Johnson & Johnson; a cross sector group of scientists & engineers recognized for their unique expertise and R&D leadership.

His expertise of natural products and chemistry was instrumental in the discovery and development of new technologies with applications in consumer, and health and wellness products. His proficiency in discovery and commercialization includes knowledge of toxicology, safety, scaling up & manufacturing challenges including unique supply chain issues for naturals.

Khalid is passionate about driving new ideas from the frontiers of chemistry and biology; and has a history of identifying and securing appropriate resources to obtain results. He established and co-led cross sector discovery programs to deploy Natural Chemistry assets and high throughput screening capabilities (HTS) to accelerate discovery and development of actives. The portfolio of new natural actives was supported by healthy patent portfolio.

Addressing a need gap of quality issues for botanicals, Khalid has co-edited a monograph compiling methods and techniques for quality and authenticity of botanicals published by CRC Press. He has co-authored book chapters, peer reviewed articles, and is co-inventor on a number of patents. He served as Chair of the Princeton American Chemical Society (PACS) during 2016, has served as vice-chair and secretary/treasurer for American Oil Chemists Society (AOCS) with multiple tenures. Leveraging the AOCS annual meetings platform he has organized and co-hosted multiple technical sessions including a hot topic session on Gut Microbiome and Human Health. He also served on International Nomenclature Committee for Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) at Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) for seven years.