Success Stories

BioNano Genomics
June 21, 2018

Current sequencing techniques are limited to short segments of DNA, requiring researchers to piece together the segments in a manner not unlike putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Yet researchers would like to examine sequences of whole sets  of genes and other long segments of non-coding regions of  the genome.  

BioNano Genomics, a…

June 21, 2018

Targeted therapeutics that travel directly to a disease site promise to reduce side effects and improve patient outcomes. But attaching these “address labels” to drug molecules has proven difficult.  

Using proteins originally found in blue-green algae, researchers at Princeton have developed a highly effective technique for attaching…

Forge Life Science
June 21, 2018

Despite some recent successes, many viral diseases have no treatment, and most of the existing treatments target a specific virus rather than being able to treat a broad spectrum of viruses. Building on the discovery at Princeton of a family of human proteins that naturally defend against viral infection, a startup company called FORGE Life…

GPB Scientific
June 21, 2018

The letters in the name GPB Scientific stand for “Getting People Better,” according to founder and CEO Michael Grisham. “We work to identify promising technologies and develop them into innovations that can improve human health.”

One of these technologies originated in the Princeton laboratories of James Sturm, the Stephen R. Forrest…

Uniformity Labs
June 21, 2018

3-D printers have become a household name, but their potential to transform industrial manufacturing has yet to be realized. 3-D printing involves depositing a thin layer of material — often a curable polymer or powder — on a surface and applying energy to cure or fuse the material only in selected locations, then repeating the process to build…

Optimeos Life Sciences
June 21, 2018

Biologics are a rapidly growing area in therapeutics due to their higher selectivity, potency and reduced side effects. However, many biologics, which are usually composed of proteins, amino acids or other biologically based compounds, are not long-lived in the body.

To transform the delivery of biologics, Optimeos Life Sciences has…

June 21, 2018

As we progress toward an increasingly connected world, sensors will play an essential role in improving personal comfort, industrial manufacturing, transportation and more. Instrumems, a company that sprang from work in the laboratory of Marcus Hultmark, an assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, is building tiny…

June 21, 2018

Every consumer knows the frustration of not knowing whether a household battery is fully charged or empty. It is even more problematic in industry where battery technology is essential for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, consumer electronics and many other developing areas.

Battery researcher Daniel Steingart, associate…