• Princeton Announces Engage 2020, New Innovation and Entrepreneurship Conference

    Friday, Oct 23, 2020

    The mission of Princeton University will be brought to life in a new way through Engage 2020, the new innovation and entrepreneurship conference scheduled for November 4-6, 2020. Presented by the Princeton innovation and entrepreneurship team and many partners across campus, Engage 2020 will offer more than 50 live, online sessions of relevance to academia, business and industry, Princeton alumni, entrepreneurs, investors, foundations and the intellectually curious.

  • Princeton-led technology for room-temperature vaccines and biological drugs selected as finalist in Science Center QED research accelerator program

    Wednesday, Jul 28, 2021
    by Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research

    A method that enables the storage and transport of vaccines and life-saving drugs at room temperature, eliminating the need for expensive refrigeration or freezing, is one of 12 technologies selected for development through the Philadelphia-based University City Science Center. The Science Center’s QED Proof of Concept program connects university researchers with experts to transform life-sciences discoveries into products and services that benefit human health.

  • Projects that blaze new trails in research will receive Dean for Research Innovation funding

    Wednesday, Jul 21, 2021
    by Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research

    Nine exploratory projects, from an effort to exploit inter-microbial warfare in the search for new antibiotics to the development of artificial intelligence for the transcription of ancient documents, have been selected to receive support through the Dean for Research Innovation Funds.

  • Great Chemistry from the "Mo" Lab Meets Industrious Postdoc

    Monday, Apr 19, 2021
    by Wendy Plump

    To read this story on the Department of Chemistry website follow this link

    A luncheon two years ago at the University of Illinois at Chicago hosted by graduate students – a pre-pandemic tradition that seems almost quaint by today’s COVID constraints – gave Maryam Elfeki the chance to talk with Mohammad Seyedsayamdost about his signature technology. 

  • Princeton technology could help improve COVID-19 vaccines

    Tuesday, Mar 16, 2021
    by Rachel Nuwer for the Office of Engineering Communications

    A new technology being developed by Princeton University researchers and alumni could offer a more effective and robust delivery method for COVID-19 vaccines.

  • 3D Printing Startup's Tech Emerged from a Solution to the Age-old Challenge of Packing Spheres

    Wednesday, Mar 10, 2021
    by Wendy Plump, Department of Chemistry

    Four hundred years ago, no less a sailor than Sir Walter Raleigh set mathematicians the challenge of packing cannonballs onto the deck of a ship for maximum quantity. The astronomer Johannes Kepler offered a solution, later known as Kepler’s Conjecture  – a mathematical equation we see today in supermarkets that stack oranges into pyramids. 

  • Princeton team discovers new organelle involved in cancer metastasis

    Tuesday, Mar 9, 2021
    by Liz Fuller-Wright, Office of Communications

    Some of Princeton’s leading cancer researchers were startled to discover that what they thought was a straightforward investigation into how cancer spreads through the body — metastasis — turned up evidence of liquid-liquid phase separations: the new field of biology research that investigates how liquid blobs of living materials merge into each other, similar to the movements seen in a lava lamp or in liquid mercury.

  • From lab to everyday life: Princeton accelerator fund supports promising innovations

    Friday, Mar 5, 2021
    by Catherine Zandonella, Office of the Dean for Research

    Seven technologies that address some of society’s biggest challenges — from foolproof antibiotics to low-cost water purification — will receive support for research and development through Princeton’s Intellectual Property Accelerator Fund

    The program gives discoveries an extra push through the development pipeline to bring technologies to the stage where they are ready for further investment, from either a startup or a larger company. 


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